Dave is a Boston-based songwriter and singer who probably drinks too much coffee. Fueled by late nights and a penchant for overthinking, he has written and released an EP (Too Dark To Fly), two singles (Baby, Go Now & Avalanche), and one full length album (Aperture). That last of which was made possible by his unbelievable fans and friends through Kickstarter, where he raised $16,010 in support of his debut record. Dave has shared concert bills with incredible musicians like The Alternate Routes, Bronze Radio Return, Tony Lucca, Chris Ayer, Brendan James, Jesse Ruben, Honor By August, Erin and the Wildfire, Julian Velard, and many others. 

Lately, he's been rediscovering what made him start all this craziness in the beginning, writing great songs. He hopes to collaborate with and write for other performers looking for content. Some songwriters think of their songs as their "babies" and never want to part with them. Dave doesn't. He can't wait to hear vocalists and performers interpret and rework his songs into something bigger. Pop, folk, EDM, country, hip/hop, he wants to help make it all. 

Dave grew up scribbling his favorite lines from songs, poetry, and books all over his moleskin notepads. Paying attention in class became an issue when his school notebooks were full of new lyrics instead of useful information. That proclivity never changed and today he focuses on growing and getting better all the time.  

Check out some of his official releases under the 'Music' tab above and stay tuned for lots of new work coming very soon. (new singles, remixes, videos... shh that's a secret, don't tell anyone) For all updates and other fun things, subscribe to his newsletter below.